02 Lunch Menu

Small And Large Savory Appetizers

Dalmatian Prosciutto Hand - Sliced (100 Gr) - 110 kn

Local Cheese Plate - 95 kn

Homemade Charcutiere & Chesse Selection XXXL - 240 kn

With cheese platter combo with caramelized onions, smoked and cured pork sausage, smoked and cured pork loin

Caesar Salad - 115 kn

Chicken, croutons, romaine lettuce, parmesan chesse, tomatoes, crispy pancetta and Caesar dressing

Octopus Salad - Authentic - 125 kn

Octopus, tomatoes, chickpea, onion, garlic, capers, parsley, olive oil and vinegar

Pasta And Risotto

Pasta Cacio E Pepe - 115

Antique Roman recipe Pecorino Romano cheese and fresh timut black pepper

Pasta al Pomodoro e Basilico - 85 kn

Tomato ragú with garlic, olive oil, pomodorino brucchiao and fresh basil

Gnocchi with Venison - 125 kn

Wild venison ragu with homemade gnocchi

Dalmatian Pašticada with Gnocchi - Authentic - 135 kn

Slow-cooked beef prepared in a rich red sweet and sour sauce

Octopus Stew with Gnocchi - Authentic - 135 kn

Octopus, onion, garlic, tomatoes, red wine, olive oil

Shrimp Risotto - 125 kn

Shrimp tails, olive oil, garlic and parsley

Veal Risotto - Authentic - 110 kn

Tradicional veal ragu, garlic, parsley, tomato, rice

Squid Ink Risotto - Authentic - 110 kn

Cuttlefish ,garlic, onion, parsley, squid ink, rice

Mushroom Risotto - 90 kn

Dry and fresh mushrooms, black truffle , truffle butter, parsley, rice

Mare Nostrum Adriaticum

Frittura Di Calamari - 130 kn

Fried calamary rings and french fries

Our Classic Bakalar Bianco - 95 kn

Salted cod brandade, with potatoes, garlic, cream and extra virgin olive oil

Tuna Steak - 210 kn

Celery puree and stir fry vegetable

Buzara Mussles - Authentic - 110 kn

Mussles, garlic, persly, olive oil and white wine

Buzara Scampi - Authentic - 165 kn

Scampi, garlic, persly, tomatoes, olive oil and white wine

Dalmatian "Gregada" - Authentic - 199 kn

White wine broth with shellfish ,scampi ,white fish and potatoes

Fresh Adriatic Wild Fish "Grilled on the bone" - Price per piece by weight

Sea Bass, Daurade, Hake, Monk Fish

Main Courses

Rib Eye Steak - 1kg. / 750 kn

With demi-glace sauce, potato puree with pumppkin oil and stir fry vegetable

Fillet Migñon - 230 kn

With demi-glace sauce, potato puree with pumppkin oil and stir fry vegetable

Beef Burger - 95 kn

200 gr. beef burger, Irish cheddar, pickles, iceberg salad, tomato, secret Big Mac dressing and french fries

Panko Crusted Chicken - 155 kn

Panko crusted chicken thing with french fries


Krempita - Authentic- 30 kn

Dessert with egg cream, lemon, orange, whipped cream and puff pastry

Chocolate and Carob Cake - 30 kn

Chocolate, carrob, dried fig, orange

Apple Strudel - 30 kn

served with ice-cream

Cherry Strudel - 30 kn

Puff pastry dough, with sour cherry filling, walnuts topped with wiped cream and custard


French Fries - 25 kn

Seasonal Salad - 25 kn

Vegetable Stir Fry - 35 kn

02 Breakfast Menu


Childhood Breakfast - 34 kn

2 jams without additives, butter, toast

Smoked Ham & Cheese Toast - 35 kn

smoked ham, cheese, green salad, tomato, mayonnaise

John Wayne - 39 kn

Fried eggs with pancetta

JAJA NoStress - 45 kn

Toast with scrumbled eggs, smoked ham and cheese, dressing aioli, crispy fried pancetta and cherry tomatoes

Ham & Cheese Omelette - 35 kn

3 eggs, smoked ham, gouda

Vegetable Omelette - 35 kn

3 eggs, three colors paprika, zucchini

Eggs Benedict - 69 kn

bagel, poached egg, smoked ham, hollandaise sauce, chive, butter

Bagel with Salmon - 60 kn

bagel, smoked salmon, cream cheese and rocket

Club Sandwich Chicken - 75 kn

estragon sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, chickenbreast, salad, tomatoes, eggs, smoaked ham, cheese, pancetta, fries

Overnight Oatmeal Chilled - 45 kn

chia seeds, oat flakes, milk, honey, seasonal fresh fruit

Granola with Yoghurt - 65 kn

nuts, oat and rye flakes, dry fruit, yoghurt


Krempita - 30 kn

Traditional croatian dessert with egg cream, lemon, orange, whipped cream and puff pastry

Chocolate and Carrob Cake - 30 kn

Chocolate, carrob, dried fig, orange, cream ice-cream

Apple Strudel - 30 kn

apple, puff pastry, english cream ice- cream

Cherry Strudel - 30 kn

Cherry, puff pastry, english cream ice -cream