where life happens.

On the main square, in the very heart of the city – one of Split’s most special and loved gastro-hedonistic spots.

We started out as a café bar but with the intention to be different than others. So we put every atom of energy into the beautiful methamorphosis and after one year of work the well visited café bar turned into an amazing bistro offering creative dishes that blow your mind. Once again we put all our passion and love to give the best.

Find time for yourself.

The name NOSTRESS describes our life philosophy, the same mindset we believe we share with you. Easy going but with dignity we approache each and every guest getting a cheerful feedback and mouth-to-mouth recommendation in return.

We are grateful to everyone who helped us build Nostress to be a succesfull story we are proud of, grateful to all our domestic and foreign customers who believed and supported our ideas. Besides absolutely dominating food, NOSTRESS offers live streaming of life going on in front of you while you are savoring delicious food and make your hearth filled with happiness.




07 Suggerimen De La Nonna





Our Menu
Our Menu


Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Flor Du Sel - 30 kn

from our region served with home - made bread and buer

Dalmatian Prosciutto Hand - Sliced(100 Gr) - 70 kn

Local Cheese Plate - 69 kn

Degustaon of high-quality selected cheeses with sweet and sour nuances

Adriatic Home-Made Charcuterie Delicatessen, xxl Platter - 135 kn

With cheese plaer combo, chicken liver pate with caramelized onions, smoked and cured pork sausage, smoked and cured pork loin

Cold Tomato Soup - 39 kn

A take on tradional gazpacho with adriac herbs

Soup Of The Day 39 kn

Vitello Tonnattissimo - 75 kn

Marinaded veal with tuna cream “aceto balsamico, olives, capers arugula salad and sea fennel

Tuna, Sea Scallops And Langoustine Tartar Trilogy - 95 kn

With aromac oils and tomato sorbet

Our Menu
Our Menu

Mare Nostrum Adriaticum

Our Classic Bakalar Bianco - 65 kn

Salted cod brandade, with potatoes, garlic, cream and extra virgin olive oil

Frittura Di Calamari - 130 kn

Breaded calamari dalmaan sle with squid ink ali -oli

San Jakob - 190 kn

Grilled sea scallops with lemon, local extra virgin olive oil flor du sel and black truffle

Mussels Meuniere - 95 kn

Steamed mussels in cocoe with garlic, parsley, white wine and citrus

Our Menu
Our Menu

Main Courses

Croatian Prime Veal Chop “Tomahawk” - 165 kn

Potato homemade gnocchi, spinach & veal reducon with Dalmaan dessert wine and pomegranate

Beef Wellington - 210 kn

Filet mingon with foie grass poêlé, duxells , black truffle and Perigueux sauce

Viennese Style Chicken - 110 kn

Panko crusted chicken thigh in bechamel with cherry tomatoes, olives, capers, garlic, and parsley mash potato and chicken demi-glace

Fillet Migñon - 195 kn

With side dish of choice and Istrian black truffle sauce

Our Menu
Our Menu

Suggerimen de la Nonna

Traditional Gregada With Fish And Fruits Del Mer per person - 145 kn

Local “ category fish and shellfish broth on bed of potatoes and saffron ideal for sharing

We take special care of our local ingredients, and they are subject to the seasonality. Price per piece by weight according to market

Our Menu
Our Menu

Green World

Traditional Caesar Salad - 75 kn

Croutons, romaine leuce, parmesan chesse, tomatoes, crispy pancea and Caesar dressing

Mozzarella Di Bufala “La Bella” - 69 kn

Salad with mozzarella, variety of tomatoes, basil, peppers and capers

Niçoise Salad - 59 kn

from garden to table; arugula, house blend and carefully chosen seasonal vegetables to promote local and more sustainable life served with choice of 3 different dressings: Citrus, Wholegrain mustard or Caesar

Our Menu
Our Menu

Pasta And Risotto

Spaghetti Cacio E Pepe - 85

Anque Román recipe with homemade egg whole wheat kampot pasta cooked with pecorino romano cheese and fresh mut black pepper

Spaghetti Al Pomodoro E Basilico - 69 kn

Tomato ragú with garlic, olive oil, pomodorino brucchiao and fresh basil

Traditional Squid Ink Risotto - 99 kn

Carnaroli rice, with squid, mediterranean picada, prošek wine and squid ink

Sea Urchin And Istrian Black Truffle Risotto - 135 kn

Carnaroli rice, creamy parmegiano regiano, saffron, sea urchin and black truffles

Our Menu
Our Menu

The Sea Products In Their Purest Form

Mussles kn / 1kg

Grilled XXL Langoustines kn /100 gr

Razor Clams kn / 120 gr

Grilled Sea Bass, Daurade, Turbot, John Dory, Hake, Monh Fish

Our Menu
Our Menu

Desserts and side orders

Krempita - 30 kn

Tradional local family recipe - cake with puff pastry, crème anglaise and orange cream

Chocolate Carob Cake - 30 kn

With vanilla and orange ice cream, candied dryfigs

Apple Strudel - 30 kn

flaky dough, buery crust and a juicy, spiced apple filling studded with rum-soaked raisins and finely chopped almonds

Dalmatian Sour Cherry Strudel - 30 kn

Puff pastry dough, with sour cherry filling, walnuts topped with wiped cream and custard

Dalmatian Swiss Chard - 35 kn

Steamed and lightly sauted with white wine, garlic and parsley

Hand Cut, Rustic French Fries 35 kn

Roasted Red Belly Pepper Salad 5 kn

Marinated in extra virgin olive oil with parsley, lemon and garlic

Baked Potatoes 35 kn

Oven baked potatoes with cherry tomatoes, onion parsley and olive oil